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Bosch keeps your vehicle mobile at all times by helping you find the right part for any vehicle. 


  • Brakes
  • Bulbs & Lighting
  • Diesel Parts
  • Electric Parts
  • Filters
  • Fuel Supply
  • Gasoline Parts
  • Lambda Sensors
  • Spark plugs
  • Starters and Alternators
  • Steering Systems
  • Wiper blades

Workshop Equipment

Fixing vehicles fast and more efficiently

For professional service on modern vehicles, Bosch provides test equipment, software, and expertise neatly coordinated from a single source. The range of test equipment has a wide selection of connected workshop technologies, which offers fast, easy and accurate servicing, testing and adjusting.

  • ECU Diagnostic Tools
  • ESI[tronic] Diagnostic Software
  • Air Conditioning Service
  • Battery Service
  • Test Benches and Tools
  • Calibration of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • Emissions Inspections
  • Vehicle Systems Analysers

Explore the range of Bosch high quality spare parts



The Bosch spark plug range contains the right spark plug for virtually every vehicle. Technically, the spark plugs are perfectly designed to satisfy the requirements of each engine.However, Bosch spark plugs do not only prove their worth on the road. They are also successfully employed in industry as well as for marine and outdoor applications. In motor boats, block-type thermal power stations and low-power engines for gardening and forestry work: Bosch spark plugs excel thanks to their top quality.Spark plugs from Bosch ensure reliable starting and smooth engine operation – with the added benefits of low-pollutant ignition, effective protection against corrosion and thread seizure as well as good electrical conductivity.




Get excellent wiping and increased service life with Bosch range of all weather Wipers blades designed for quick and easy installation.

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For very high starting reliability and a particularly long service life in even the most adverse conditions: The Bosch starter is adapted to the demands of the vehicle and identical in fit and performance to an original equipment starter.


Developed and tested for very reliable energy supply to a vehicle’s electrical onboard system in even the most adverse conditions: The Bosch alternator is adapted to the vehicle specific electrical demands and designed to be identical in fit and performance to an original equipment alternator.


Bosch power steering pumps designed for an optimum performance and direct replacement of the original equipment. Bosch range offers both electric and mechanical pumps.

Power cylinders offer assistance in a variety of applications where additional steering torque is required also where there is a need for rear axle steering.

Bosch power steering gears designed for an identical replacement of the original equipment. Range consisting from classic rack and pinion to the state of the art electric and active steering systems.

Bosch steering shafts play a crucial link between the steering wheel and steering gear. Precision manufacturing ensuring a secure connection even in toughest driving conditions.

Bosch bevel gearboxes designed to transmit steering input in applications where direct connection to the steering column is not possible.

Bosch power steering gears designed for an identical replacement of the original equipment. Range consisting from basic Servocom®, both single and dual circuit, to the latest Servocomtronic® commonly used in domestic and imported trucks and buses.

Comprehensive range of steering pumps for heavy commercial and bus applications offering high performance due to robust and reliable built. The range consists of vane, energy saving vane, tandem and radial piston pumps for a variety of applications.

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