Your steering and suspension systems work together to keep your tires on the pavement and your vehicle under control – until a power steering problem makes your steering wheel hard to move, or a suspension problem makes you whole vehicle hard to rein in.

A vehicle’s suspension system serves two purposes — managing the handling of your vehicle on the road and improving comfort by minimizing bumps and vibrations in the passenger cabin. Over time, key components such as ball joints, tie-rod ends and bushings can wear out even in normal use. Hitting or running over obstacles like potholes or curbs may damage some of the same components. Worn or broken shocks and struts (and their component parts) can affect the ride, handling and safety of your vehicle. Shocks and struts can become worn, affecting ride comfort and handling.

If your vehicle bounces, sways, squeaks, or makes you work hard just to turn the steering wheel, request a diagnostic appointment with  MALATAN BOSCH CAR SERVICE team & we will conduct a thorough inspection of your steering, suspension, and other possible causes for your vehicle handling problems. We’ll take the time to explain your vehicle’s condition, and let you know which services are urgent (and which can wait). We discuss the best options for your budget and provide a written estimate before making any repairs.

Keep your ride smooth. Help optimize the performance and longevity of your Steering & Suspension system with a visit to the MALATAN BOSCH CAR SERVICE CENTRE. 

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